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Let me get this straight...Keratin vs. Brazilian

Smoothing treatments have been available for YEARS now and most of us still don't know the difference between these two straightening giants-myself included. Clients are always confused which to book, so here I am with my resident expert Jemaine Mendoza @_sharp_one_ to help clear up the confusion once and for all. All of the following information is 100 % provided by Jermaine. If you'd like to set up a treatment/consultation, he can be reached at Form Salon 214.369.2500

Upper photos: Before and After Keratin Bottom photos: Before and After Brazilian

Brazilian Blow dry Vs Keratherapy treatments

As both of these treatments have their benefits. There are many differences to set them apart. Which is more beneficial, really depends on what the hair needs, in addition to the end result you’re looking for. Here are a few things to consider.

Brazilian Blow-dry:

A protein rich treatment that strengthens the hair from the inside. Adding structural strength by bonding protein molecules to the cortex layer of the hair with the use of heat. This treatment is color safe, in fact, as it seal the cuticle layer. It, also locks color in. Adding longevity to your color service.

Other aspects to consider, are as follows. Brazilian Blow-dry, is a 6 step process (clarifying, treatment application, blow-dry heat application, Smoothing iron sealing, rinse, and style). As this is a lengthy process, it also allows you to choose how curly or smooth you’d like your hair to be. This treat will leave your hair manageable and frizz free. Last up to 18 weeks (depending on how often you wash).

Keratherapy and Color lock and smooth treatments

Keratherapy treatment:

Also a protein rich treatment, was designed to target unruly and frizzy hair. Similar to Brazilian blow-dry, this treatment helps to improve the structural strength of your hair. It also makes the hair much more manageable. The key word here being manageable. Where a Brazilian Blow-dry can smooth a large percentage of your natural curl out ( it does not straighten). Keratherapy tames Frizz, and loosens curls. There is still a bit of effort on your behalf to completely straighten, or smooth your hair. Not a lot of effort, obviously. But, effort none the less. This treatment also locks in color for longevity.

Unlike Brazilian Blow-dry, this treatment has fewer steps. 4 steps and an additional optional step and you’re done ( clarify, treatment application, cap and process(optional upon stylist’s discretion), blow-dry heat application, smoothing iron seal). Although there is fewer steps, there is a mandatory wait period from the time of treatment to your first shampoo or style. During the first 48 hours after the Keratherapy treatment, no washing, styling, ponytails, or braids of any kind should be applied. As risk of a noticeable crease may be left in your hair. This treatment can last up to 18 weeks as well (depending on how frequently you wash).

Color lock and smooth is a temporary taming treatment that is offered as a stand alone service to lengthen your Keratherapy treatments, or as a way to seal color in for added longevity. It can also be a great add on service to help fight humidity, and give manageability to your styling needs. It lasts 4-6 weeks, again depending on the frequency of your shampoos.

Both treatments offer great manageability, and frizz free styling. Color safe, locking technology. And, longevity between visits.

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