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I have specialized in color for over 10 years. This being said i consider myself and expert in consultation, formulations, and applications. I offer a full range of color services to create the perfect look for everyone

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Asian Model

Grey Coverage

Blonde Wavy Hair


Tender Portrait of Model

All Over Color

Starting at $100

Is your hair getting more "sparkly" as you age? Getting a "tint" is a quick fix for the common but most dreaded problem. If you're not ready to commit to the time and maintenance of full grey coverage I also offer grey blending options.

Starts at $145

Highlight is a general term to reference adding lighter dimension or pops of color to your existing base color. I practice the more common foil highlight technique but specialize in traditional French balayage. Not sure which one is for you? I can consult via text or email  to help you decide.

Per Service

Are you wanting a change? Do you want to ditch those washed out highlights for your richer natural color? Or are you tired of your mousy natural and want to pop it up with a vibrant red? Reach out today to find out if an all over color service is for you.

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