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Hair Color Dictionary

Tint: also know as grey coverage.

This application is applied ONLY to your root area.

Desired results would be : warmer, lighter, darker, full gray coverage

Permanent color: More opaque

Lifts out natural pigment USUALLY (not always) with ammonia

Intended to completely cover grey if allowed to process fully

Grows out, sometimes resulting in a line of demarcation

Semi Permanent: More sheer coverage

CAN cover gray on fine hair

Fades out, leaving a less noticeable line

This client has a natural balayage highlight which can also be described as "ombre". She also received a gloss post highlight to soften the warmth and add shine

All Over Color: this process is color applied roots to ends all at the same time.

Desired result: All darker, one color, grey coverage

Toner/Gloss: this is a non permanent color added all over, or just to the ends of your hair, usually after another color or highlight process.

Desired results: Darker, cooler (more ash), warmer (less ash), shine.

Can be booked as a stand alone service for a color refresh and shine

Glaze: USUALLY a permanent color applied to the root area. Process usually 5mn or less

Desired result: lighter, warmer or more blended look.

Partial Highlight: Adding a lighter tone to the hair

Balayage or Foil

Includes the hair above and in front of the ears

Full Highlight: Adding a lighter tone to the hair

Balayage or Foil

Includes hair from Partial and ALSO below the ears to the nape.

Best for clients that wear their hair up or have shorter layers

Lowlight: Adding a darker tone to the hair.

Usually non permanent

Can be applied as a partial or a full

Foil Highlight: A technique using a lightening product (high lift color or bleach) to create lighter pieces in the hair. The hair is saturated all the way through and contained in foil packets

Balayage: A highlighting technique using lightener(bleach) that creates a soft, diffused effect created by brushing the lightener on the surface of the hair

Ombre: a French term meaning "shaded"

This refers to a look that starts with a darker root and gradually gets lighter toward the ends

Level: On a scale of 1-10 how dark or light your hair is

Example: 1 Black, 6 Light Brown, 10 Very light blonde

Tone: Appears in 3 different ways

Warm: (yellow/red/orange/gold) Best for warm, dark, or yellow skin tones with brown eyes

Cool: (green/blue/violet/ash) Best for lighter, pinker skin tones and blue eyes

Neutral: A combination of cool and warm tones to create a rich neutral-Beige-*universally flattering

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