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The Push Up Bra For Your Lashes

I personally have been wearing eyelash extensions for several years without removing them for a "break". I've never had any issues until my travel schedule conflicted with my lash tech and honestly I don't trust anyone else. I actually pulled my lashes out, taking my natural lashes with them so my eyelids were BALD. Re applying extensions weren't an option so I had to figure out an alternative. I started using a lash grow product and with great success my eyelashes were back to normal within two months. I still missed the drama of the extensions but I certainly wasn't missing the maintenance. My in house aesthetician Francesca Ramirez @fr_esthetics suggested a lash tint and lift. The results were amazing! I may never go back...The following information is provided directly by Francesca to help you understand the process. For questions, consultations, or appointments call Form Salon 214.369.2500

Have you wondered how you can achieve longer, fuller looking lashes without having the upkeep of eyelash extensions? Look no further! Lash Lifts give you lashes worthy of a mascara ad, by using a perming solution to give them a dramatic curl that lasts 6-8 weeks.

How is this possible, you might ask? The treatment starts with separating your top and bottom lashes by placing a gel eye pad on the bottom lash line. This step is followed by placing a silicone rod on your eyelid to glue your lashes upwards to begin the curling process. When all of your lashes are molded into the desired curl over the rod, the perming solution is then applied, followed by a neutralizer and a lash nourishing lotion or gel.

Lash Lifts are typically combined with an eyelash tint, which are applied after the treatment is completed. This extra step ensures a more striking appearance by darkening the lashes, giving the illusion that you’re wearing mascara.

This natural alternative is great for anyone who has a busy lifestyle but still wants to wake up, made up. It’s also a great option for people who have sensitive eyes or allergies, since it doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals or glues.

So, are you ready to have more dramatic lashes naturally, that will have everyone thinking “Maybe she’s born with it?.”

Below are before and after photos to show the dramatic results that can be

achieved with this procedure:

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