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Tips for All of Our CurlFriends

by Ashtyn Castellon

1. Please book an appointment by calling the salon or getting into direct contact with me. This ensures your service is booked correctly with enough time.

2. Do your part! Your hair should be clean, detangled, and in its natural state when you arrive for your appointment. This gives me an accurate visual of your hair. (No braids, buns, or blow dries)

3. Consultation is key! This where unity between client and stylist begins. Questions are asked so I can understand your lifestyle and how your hair fits into it. Visually I look for things like damage, density, texture, various curl patterns, and the way your hair was cut previously. All of this creates a plan for your service which should be communicated to you.

4. Wet and dry cuts are great! One isn’t better than the other it all depends on the hair type and cut suitable to a client. Ask questions at any point if you’re not sure.

5. Product is only one part to a frizz free style. Creating a wearable style begins at the shampoo bowl. Time and effort are required to find your signature look.Be daring if you want. Anything goes with curls these days!!

Ashtyn cuts and styles all hair types at Form salon.


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