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The Time is NOW for Curls!

As most of you know, I haven't cut or styled hair since beauty school (10 years) so I do not give much advice when it comes to textures, styles, or cuts. I leave that to the experts. Ashtyn Castellon @its_ash is our in house go to girl for curls. Here's a little about her journey and why she has chosen this as her specialty. The following was provided by Ashtyn. If you'd like to make an appointment with her call Form Salon at 214.369.2500

Thanks to social media and a variety of curl education offered to stylists, the days of you longing for the hair you don’t have is over. My 5 years behind the chair have taught me that client education is key to getting someone to love their hair once they step outside of the salon. If you desire to rock your natural curls and aren’t sure where to begin come to Form and let me help you embrace your hair!

My love of my own hair has evolved over time. Growing up, my curls were something to keep maintained whether it was my go to bun I wore everyday at school, or getting damaging relaxers to loosen my curl pattern. I didn’t have anyone to help me understand how to get the best out of my natural hair and that is why I want to help anyone who has ever felt defeated by their curls.

For some curlfriends, I understand that going to the salon is an experience fueled by anxiety. My goal, to ease the fear of the unknown, is to educate you about your hair. Experienced curl stylists are in demand and there are so many avenues of curl education for us to pursue. What I learn, I want to share with every client because you spend everyday with your hair and should be able to rock your curls on your own!

Every head of hair is different and deserves personalization. I believe to understand your curls you need to see a professional to guide you through the journey.

Check back later in the the week for my tips for a worry free visit to the salon.

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